Target a specific device

Targetting a specific device is a bad practice. You'll never know what devices are coincidentally targeted by your query. Just use your queries to specify some breakpoints and avoid using media queries to target a device.

But... There will probably be cases where your design looks perfect on all mobile devices, except on the device of your boss. Then, and only then use the following list!

Only tested on the most used browser!
Each browser uses different settings, so a query for Galaxy S2 on Chrome doesn't work on Opera or Firefox Mobile.
For Apple devices, I've used Safari. For Android devices I've used Chrome.


Device Device width Device height Pixel ratio
HTC One3606403
Samsung Galaxy S23205341.5
Samsung Galaxy S33206402
Samsung Galaxy S43206403
Samsung Galaxy S53606403
LG Nexus 43845922
LG Nexus 53605923
Asus Nexus 76019061.33
iPad 1 and 276810241
iPad Mini76810241
iPad 3 and 476810242
iPhone 3G3204801
iPhone 43204802
iPhone 53205682
iPhone 63756672
iPhone 6 Plus4147363
Huawei Ascend P63605922
Huawei Ascend P73605923
OnePlus One3606403

Your device not in this list? Let me know!